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testing for asbestos Montreal

Nowadays, most people understand the major health hazard that asbestos poses. It’s capable of causing mesothelioma and even lung cancer. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure that your home is free from asbestos.

Because short-term exposure is enough to cause permanent health damage, asbestos testing is not just vital but also necessary. As such, if you're concerned about asbestos in your property, enlist the services of a professional and accredited asbestos testing laboratory.

At Asbestos Laboratories, we ensure that home buyers, sellers, and owners no longer need to travel far and wide looking for laboratory services for testing for asbestos in Montreal. We’ve brought these services closer home to make sure that the appropriate procedures are followed during renovations and demolitions without incurring unnecessary traveling costs.

When Should You Test for Asbestos?

Getting your property tested for asbestos is necessary when:

  • There's a renovation, remodeling, or demolition going on
  • You’re removing insulation, roofing, or tiles

Where is Asbestos Found in Homes?

Asbestos can be found in several places inside your house. These include flooring, between walls, ceiling cavities, pipe insulation, and wallboards. Creating a barrier over any material containing asbestos may protect you and your family from exposure. This can be done using encapsulants on walls and ceilings. Encapsulants are materials that keep asbestos fibers from being released into the air.

When roofing or insulation made with asbestos begins deteriorating or becomes damaged, the best course of action is to have it removed by an abatement company. In such a case, air sampling after the removal of asbestos is crucial to confirm that no traces of the harmful fibers are left behind.

For any work done on your house involving asbestos, seek the services of a certified company. Asbestos Laboratories is a National Institute for Occupational and Health accredited company that carries out testing for both commercial and residential properties. Our certification is a testament to our professional, accurate, and timely results that all our clients enjoy.

How to Take an Asbestos Sample for Testing

Making sure that you don’t breathe in any dust while collecting samples for testing is critical. Here’s how to safely take asbestos samples:

  • Protect yourself by covering your mouth, nose, skin, and clothes while extracting the sample. This keeps you from ingesting or breathing in toxic debris or having it cling to your clothing.
  • Slightly moisten the area where you want to collect the sample. Doing that keeps dust from loosening while collecting the sample.
  • Use a sharp tool to cut away a section of the material you would like tested. Cut gently, doing as little disruption to the material as possible.
  • Collect your sample in an airtight plastic bag and seal it with tape. Even when using a ziplock bag, take extra precautions, and tape it. This prevents the escape of fibers into the air.
  • You can now drop off your sample at a professional lab for testing.

Your Brilliant Lab Partners

At Asbestos Laboratories, we also offer automatic sampling services. This means that we’ll dispatch one of our professionals to your premises to collect the sample, bring it to the lab for testing for asbestos in Montreal, and deliver the results via email, fax, or phone. Give us a call today on 647.410.5025 for more details on how we can collect your sample, or how you can get your sample safely to us.

testing for asbestos Montreal
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